Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrating the First week in Summer in St. George with the Allen cousins. Too much fun!

Charlie-the next Crocodile Hunter

                                     Caught a monarch butterfly.  Note his scar above the eye.  He threw a rock at school and it broke and a piece came back and hit him in the head.  He is his mother's son.
   Swam in the freezing, nasty pond at Edgewood with the fish and ducks
                                  Caught a giant frog in St. George
                     Now he is too busy playing football to be bothered with critters

Cute Pictures of Miss Amelia Grace

                                      Best Cousins, Blakely and Amelia
              Charlie's School-mate, Amelia Grace with Amelia Grace at the Mountain Man Rendezvous

  Special Memorial Day visit to Grandpa Dick Weggeland's Gravesite and a hike to Ensign Peak
The New Disney Store at City Creek is da bomb

New York New York!

Dave and I took Brig to NYC for a 12 year old celebration.  We had a great time.  We stayed at Dave's aunt's amazing pent house on Park Avenue blocks from Central Park.  We became subway experts as we explored the city.  We took the Statten Island ferry for a view of the Statue of Liberty, enjoyed a great afternoon at a Yankees game, ate pasta in Little Italy, saw Newsies on broadway and visited ground zero.  It was so fun to have some one on one time with Brig, he is such an amazing person.


 Olivia's violin and Charlie's piano recital August 2012
 Olivia's Ballet recital May 2012

 Amelia and cousin Blakely"s Dance Recital.  Could they be any Cuter!
Olivia's violin recital June 2012.  Brig and Charlie played the piano but they couldn't be bothered with pictures when there were refreshments!

Back to School Haircut

My Beautiful Olivia Kate! Starting second grade this year.  She lost two teeth in one day, that has to be a record.  I am going to miss her when she goes back to school Tuesday. She is so much fun to have around.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girl Power!

Another Spring Break Adventure-Ears Pierced at Claires!  Olivia had hers pierced over President's Day weekend in St. George but one ear grew back.  So.. . we went back with Claire and did it again.
Our family visited the amazing city creek and got to meet the even more AMAZING Stephanie Nielson and her husband and have our book signed.  We were so inspired by her bright, loving words in person and in her book.  It is a must read!